Squeegee Beckenheim (shifuimam) wrote in ljarchive,
Squeegee Beckenheim

Updated software

This is about as half-assed as it gets, only because I'm too lazy to take the time to figure out how to tell a setup distributable to create start menu entries.

Anyhow, someone wrote a patch awhile back (like a year ago) to fix sync problems with large LJs. I finally got around to sticking it in the source and recompiling the application into a distributable package. It just requires .NET 1.1.

If anyone knows how I can put it on SourceForge, that'd be great, since I don't want to use my own server's bandwidth indefinitely for this.

But for the time being, download it here:


Or, if you already have it installed, just download this:


And extract the contents into Program Files\LJArchive\.

I'd say let me know if you have any problems, but I'm not actually a developer, so I doubt I can help.

Have fun!
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